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    Since 1951, Perfection Group has been satisfying customers with integrity and legendary customer service. From the basement of his parents’ home, current CEO, Jack Albrecht, watched his dad build a business by replacing coal fired furnaces. Jack had a passion for the business and at an early age served many roles throughout his formative years as a sheet metal fabricator, delivery person and helping hand on project installs and service work.

    After completing his business degree at Xavier University, Jack was poised to be a stock broker. However, his dad called with an offer that he couldn’t refuse and the rest is history.

    Always a leader and strategic visionary, Jack knew the value of hiring good people. Today, Perfection’s tenure average is nearly 11 years which is evident by the numerous associates who have been with the company for 20, 30 and 40 plus years. Key to the continuous success of the business is the ability to not only retain good quality people but to hire the best in an ever growing company culture.

    Perhaps one of Jack’s key strategic initiatives was his entry into the service business in the early 1980’s. Because Perfection was a regional leader in the design build construction market, we committed to serving our customers in a long term partnership arrangement. Thus, the entry into the service business in the Cincinnati area was achieved.

    Always listening to customer needs, the service business soon grew with entries into markets in and around Cincinnati. Today, Perfection is a facility solutions provider servicing Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Charleston, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville. Perfection Group not only operates in 5 states but runs 140 service vehicles and manages 250 associates.

    Perfection’s focus on customer requirements allowed the company to offer Performance Contracting solutions as early as the mid-1990’s. Focusing on existing customers and favorable legislation in the Ohio market, Perfection had significant success in the area of bundled solutions. Our design build capabilities were an excellent resource for large Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) in the development of their sizeable customer projects. For a period of years in the early 2000’s, this model worked. However, the customer often needed more flexible models to meet their growing needs.

    Therefore, in 2009, Perfection officially launched their Green Building Solutions Business Unit. Today, Perfection has market leadership in their key business focus of County and Municipal Governments in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. With a resume of multiple city and county government agencies, Perfection has met all customer requirements and has achieved over 130% of our guarantee performance. Providing flexible and diverse solutions with expertise in financing arrangements are key to the success of these programs.

    Perfection has surely grown and evolved in the past 68 years and today is an industry leader that designs, installs and services mechanical and environmental systems focusing on energy-efficient facility operations for commercial, industrial and institutional customers. The key to the success of our company is integrity, expertise and legendary service to both our associates and customers.

    You can click here to view our YouTube channel and get more information on the team behind Perfection Group.