Dedicated to keeping us all safe, at work and at home

At Perfection Group, safety is our top priority. We aim to keep our technicians, our customers, and facility occupants safe at all times. Most recently, Perfection Group was awarded a National Safety Employer of 2020 and the runner up for National Safety Employer of 2021 by the Associated Builders Council.

Our dedication to safety and health for our associates goes beyond those working in the field. Starting in 2023, our Safety and Health Team is committed to 100% of associates becoming certified in OSHA 10, CPR, and First Aid, regardless of their daily roles and responsibilities. The knowledge this training provides is intended to keep us all safe not only at work but at home, too.

Meet Our Director of Safety
Bill Lippert

39 years at Perfection. Managing safety for eight locations in five states. Focused on helping associates get to the next level through training, educating, and mentoring.

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