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Our green solutions

With increasing awareness around the environment, businesses are exploring ways they can reduce energy consumption. At the same time, with energy prices rising, energy efficiency can mean big savings in operation costs as well as a reduction in carbon footprint.

Perfection Group can evaluate your facility for opportunities to reduce energy consumption and help you reach your energy efficiency and sustainability goals by implementing the recommended solutions with our team of industry experts. Whether your goal is to improve air quality for a healthier environment or to modernize the performance of an older building, our Green Solutions Team can help.

Industry Experts

Our Green Solutions Team

Our team consists of LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED-AP), Professional Engineers, Project and Development Engineers, and Certified Energy Managers. We can help you address your facility’s owning and operating needs whether you are building a new, green structure or retrofitting an existing structure to become more energy efficient.

Cost Savings Guaranteed

Our Green Solutions Process

First, we will conduct an Energy Operational Profile of your building or facility to identify financial cost-savings opportunities. Then, our energy-efficiency experts will recommend Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), such as building automation, power monitoring, new HVAC systems, energy-efficient lighting, and lighting control motion sensors.


Our ECM solutions outline a cost-savings estimate for each measure so we can provide you with a comprehensive payback analysis. After a project is complete, per your request, we offer an Energy Audit each year to ensure continual cost savings.

Customer Benefits

Pay from savings programs

Energy usage analysis

Certified Energy Managers

Revitalization and retro-commissioning solutions

HVAC controls, lighting, and envelope

Efficient and sustainable facility operations

Common Energy Conservation Measures

Energy Savings Performance Contracting: How we save money through Energy Conservation Measures

Green Solutions

We have been looking for a long time to reduce our long-term energy costs. We dealt with two companies in the past, but neither could supply us with the complete verification with savings and shelter for the county that Perfection Group could if there were to be a shortfall after the first year.

County Judge Executive, Government Facility

Eastern Kentucky

Reduce operating costs with energy conservation measures.