Energy-efficient solutions that keep comfort and health in mind

Office and commercial

Did you know that commercial buildings consume 40% of all utilities produced in the US? Perfection Group is an industry leader in providing energy efficient solutions while keeping comfort and health in mind. We have a proven track record in helping customers reduce their operational costs while helping them lower their energy use.


When your business has to run perfectly 24 hours a day, partnering with Perfection Group has its advantages. We have the expertise and staff to support the mechanical systems keeping your guests comfortable with facility operations and amenities running smoothly.

With the importance of heating, cooling, and hot water requirements and specifications, Perfection Group specializes in designing, servicing, and revitalizing mechanical, building, and facility automation systems to maximize comfort for your guests.

Retail and Restaurant

One of the best ways to encourage customers to return to your establishment is to ensure their comfort every time they visit. Perfection Group has the expertise to design, build, and maintain the systems that create enjoyable environments for your customers while guaranteeing savings for you.

Client Testimonial

Case Studies

Any time I send a work order to Perfection Group, I am confident that the work will get done quickly and any issues will be relayed to me for action. The technicians are responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, and communicative. The dispatch team is eager to learn our systems. The sales team applies no pressure; just facts. Any issues presented are handled quickly to prevent business disruption for our client. Perfection Group has been, and as long as this strong performance continues, will continue to be, my go-to HVAC provider in the region.

Sr. Service Delivery Lead, Facilities Management Provider

Middle & East Tennessee

Reduce operating costs while ensuring the comfort of your visitors.