City of St. Bernard - Perfection Group
City of St. Bernard
Project Type

House Bill 420 Self-Funding Energy Efficient Improvement Project

Annual Savings

$48,360 in Guaranteed Energy Savings
$13,000 in Operational Savings
121.2% of savings achieved in the 1st year

Environmental Impact

Reduction of 796,600 lbs of CO2 emissions
463,188 Kwh reduction

Other Benefits

$19,398 in utility rebates


Higher utility rates and inefficient mechanical systems past their useful life led the city to look for ways to improve position and reduce their risk of putting a strain on their capital budget. Perfection was employed by the City of St. Bernard to implement a comprehensive energy efficiency project on the city’s facilities.


The project covered upgrades to (3) facilities including: City Hall, Police Department, and
Fire Department. Energy conservation measures that were incorporated consisted of the following:

  • LED lighting technology for traffic lights
  • High efficiency lighting for parking lots, parks, and athletic fields
  • Automated controls system for City Hall and the Police Department
  • New HVAC systems in all facilities
  • High efficiency lighting and occupancy sensors in all facilities

I chose Perfection because of their knowledge of the House Bill 420 process, professionalism, and the company’s ability to self-perform the majority of the work. Perfection’s one stop shop allowed us to get the most amount of work done for our energy dollars saved.

Service Director

Southern Ohio