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Design Build HVAC for two new building built simultaneously.

On-going HVAC Service Support.


Better performing systems and savings.


The project consisted of the construction of two new buildings on the same property, being built simultaneously. The property is adjacent to the Greater Cincinnati International Airport. Close coordination with the Airport was necessary with regard to all crane / rigging activities. Close design coordination with each of the MEP Trades, along with ZF Steering representatives from Germany and the General Contractor was conducted over a three-month period to finalize all of the specific HVAC, Process, Electrical, and Plumbing requirements. This coordination effort was critical to the project’s success and completion. ZF Steering had manufacturing equipment ordered from overseas and had to be in production for their customers by a certain date, which determined the project schedule and phasing.

Building #2 consists of an Office Environment and Medium / Heavy Manufacturing. The Offices are served by Packaged Roof Top Units. The Manufacturing Area is served by once through A/C Systems with Energy Recovery Wheels and Building Exhaust / Relief. The process systems consists of Chillers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Pumping Systems, Air Compressors, DI Water Systems, natural gas, and all associated process piping. The DDC Control System is primarily related to the process systems. All systems were designed and selected with energy efficiency as a major priority.

Building #3 is a conventional Office / Light Manufacturing environment with Packaged Roof Top Units serving both areas. Building #3 also utilizes a Compressed Air System, piping, and a process driven DDC Control System. Similar to Building #2, these systems were designed and selected with energy efficiency as a major priority.


Perfection installed a $4.6 million design-build HVAC, Process Equipment & Piping, and DDC Control System for ZF Steering Buildings #2 and #3 in Florence, KY. Building #2 is approximately 170,000 sq ft. Building #3 is approximately 80,000 sq ft.

On Going HVAC Service Support

After the project was installed, Perfection Group continues to support ZF Steering through its Service group. Perfection performs preventative maintenance, repair and replacement service over the entire ZF campus.