A NEW Degree of Perfection
April 13, 2023 | Innovation

Why we changed our look

On the surface, you’ll notice a few changes right off the bat. One is our new logo. Logos are often the first thing you notice about a company, so we knew it had to be the right one for us. Our new logo features a P and G for Perfection Group, as well as a degree symbol. This symbol represents the ‘perfect degree of comfort’ that we strive to bring to all of our customers.






Speaking of our new logo, you may notice it’s in new colors. We’ve updated those, too. We felt dark blue represented trust and loyalty while the gold represents nature and healing. We hope that both colors give the feeling of confidence, longevity, and commitment. 





The colors work well with our new details, called brand elements. We have a brand pattern and icons that are custom-made for Perfection Group. The icons each align with a specific purpose throughout our business.

We also took the time to dig a little deeper by examining who we are as a company and where we want to go in the future. The results are a series of brand statements that help us define Perfection Group’s values, purpose, vision, and mission going forward. 




As a valued customer and partner, thank you for being a part of our journey. We’re excited to reveal a new degree of perfection.