Perfection Group Earns the Excellence in Construction Award for 2023 - Perfection Group
Awarded Excellence in Construction 2023
April 14, 2023 | Organization

Madison County Kentucky

What makes this project special:

First and foremost, it is an ESPC (guaranteed energy savings performance contract)


Responding to an official request for proposal the Perfection Group developed in conjunction with the Madison County Judge executive and associated staff a project to upgrade, repair, improve, and reduce the cost of operations of multiple facilities in the County.


The project incorporated savings in utility rate adjustments, reduced consumptions in electric, water and gas, maintenance and operational costs, capitol cost avoidance, and rebates all combined to impact the total project investment.


The project scope covered nine county facilities at a cost of just over $7,000,000 and produced savings of over $8,000,000 over twenty years.


The project was approved March 2021 and was substantially complete late 2022 with the guaranteed savings measurement and verification period beginning Jan 2023.


The facilities include occupied in service departments which require coordination and scheduling to maintain the normal community services. Additionally, the Detention Center presented an entire new set of issues from access, meal preparation, hot water supply, constant HVAC needs, and most importantly security. The constant communications and development of relationships led way for a successful project with positive community impact that is meeting the savings guarantee!