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  • COVID-19 Update

    As the spread of COVID-19 impacts our community and businesses, we want to keep our customers and associates informed and safe. Perfection Group will remain open and will continue to serve and support your facilities for regularly scheduled maintenance as well as service calls, projects and special requests.

    We are asking all associates to follow precautions to ensure safety while on customer sites:

    – Follow customer facility guidelines and safety requirements including personal protective equipment.
    – Check in and out via phone or email to reduce interactions.
    – Practice social distancing and remain at least 6 feet away from other individuals.
    – Follow hand washing and sanitizing guidelines from the CDC.

    Below are recommended maintenance procedures and products focused on delivering clean air that may help reduce the risk of spreading viruses and other bacteria. Note that Perfection Group cannot guarantee the prevention of COVID-19 with these maintenance procedures or products.

    Air Filtration
    While new filters won’t stop the spread of infectious disease, dirty or ineffective filters can intensify underlying respiratory issues that make occupants more vulnerable to COVID-19. If you haven’t changed your filters recently, now is the time to do it. Additionally, increasing the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) of your filters could be beneficial. The higher the rating, the more airborne particulates captured.

    Ensure Duct and Unit Cleanliness
    Reducing dust particles and pollutants inside the duct and air handling units will reduce the risk of viruses and bacteria spreading through your facility. We are partnering with a third party who specializes in duct cleaning and unit sanitation practices.
    Increased the Air Purity

    Air Purification products are designed to reduce odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, bacteria and viruses. Units can be mounted onto air conditioning and heating system air duct systems where most sick building and IAQ (indoor air quality) problems start.

    We are here to serve as a resource for you during this time of uncertainty. Please feel free to contact your representative for additional information on the above or if you need to request service.

    Stay safe and healthy!