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  • Perfection installs $1.2 Million Design-Build HVAC System and Controls As Part of the Auglaize County Courthouse Restoration Project.

    Perfection installed a $1.2 million design-build HVAC and controls system which was part of a $8.6 million complete restoration of the County Courthouse.

    The existing system was a century old coal fire steam boiler with split unit air conditioning scattered randomly throughout the building. The air conditioning system in one of the courtrooms was so loud that it needed to be turned off when the room was in use.

    Perfection installed a state of the art water source heat pump system with a high-efficiency boiler, cooling tower and heat pumps with direct digital controls. The new system has dedicated fresh air systems with heat recovery wheels to maintain proper air quality. The building is 49,200 square feet and Perfection expects the BTUs per square foot to be 40% less than with the existing system.