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  • Perfection’s Katie Youngblood Nominated Woman Of The Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

    Do you remember the first time someone in your life, in your circle of family and friends, was diagnosed? Or the first time you heard the word cancer and had to ask what it meant? My first time was in the 2nd grade, when a classmate was diagnosed with leukemia.

    Over the years, there have been so many more stories. When I think of the people I know who have fought cancer and won or who are fighting cancer and winning it’s amazing. It touches so many lives. With funds and research, we can provide the tools and the hope for all those fighting to keep up their battle!

    If I am lucky enough to become the 2012 LLS Woman of the Year, we together will be making a difference! After all, raising funds for blood cancer research is our goal. Please join me in this wonderful opportunity to give back! Helping others is what I am most passionate about! So please help me provide the opportunity for more and more success stories.

    Our campaign starts today…and we already only have 10 weeks left!

    The Grand Finale Gala is June 8th, and of course I hope you all can attend. Together we can celebrate our efforts in helping to fund research and giving hope to so many that deserve the chance to have a better healthier life!

    Every dollar counts as a vote. So vote (donate) early and often! Click on the link below to make your contribution now and purchase your Gala tickets!

    Many thanks in advance for your support! I look forward to seeing you at the Gala!

    Points to ponder – just a few facts:

    • One Person in the U.S. will be diagnosed with a blood cancer approximately every four minutes
    • Forty years ago, just over one in ten myeloma patients survived five years. Today, three times more patients can expect to survive, and with better
    • Research projects that are high-risk or address rare cancers are less likely to be funded by the government or by for-profit companies. LLS supports many promising projects that might otherwise never provide advances for the blood cancer patients who need them.